Potential Benefits of Therapeutic Massage in Thornton, CO

There are a number of different types of massage, each with its own pros and cons. Those who have certain health conditions or injuries may benefit from therapeutic massage near Thornton, CO. This type of massage blends techniques from a number of types of massage, including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology and others, to get the most benefits in treating the condition. It isn’t just deep tissue massage, which means that if you go to get an injury treated with therapeutic massage, it won’t necessarily be a very strong massage, although it may be the case depending on what’s needed for the treatment of the particular injury or condition.


Because therapeutic massage near Thornton, CO promotes relaxation, it can help people who are very stressed, anxious or depressed. This includes people who are experiencing these feelings due to being treated for mo9re serious health conditions, such as cancer. Hot stone massage is particularly good for relaxation, and Swedish massage can promote this feeling as well.


This type of massage is also sometimes a good idea for people who are in pain, whether the pain is from headaches, injuries or health problems like sciatica or fibromyalgia. For example, deep tissue massage techniques help to relax muscles that are contracted, thus lessening pain. Swedish massage is another type of massage technique that may be helpful for dealing with pain, and its light touch can make it more pleasant than the harder pressure used in deep tissue massage.


Therapeutic massage can help to treat injuries, including those caused by playing sports, overuse and repetitive motions. Neuromuscular massage is one technique that can help with this.

For the most benefits, see a registered massage therapist who has experience in therapeutic massage. Not all massage therapists have this type of training. Make sure to thoroughly discuss any injuries or health conditions you have before getting the massage so that the therapist can avoid using any techniques that may be harmful in your situation. This is particularly important for women who are pregnant, as some techniques could have adverse effects on the pregnancy.