Prevent Damage to Your Home WIth Help From Local Tree Services in Fayetteville GA

Most homeowners aren’t aware of how risky it is to have a tree right next to their home. The leaves and other debris are already an inconvenience, there is actually a lot of damage that can be caused by a tree. If a tree is dead or dying it is actually very unsafe. The tree could fall on the home, causing severe damage, or it could fall in the yard and cause serious injury. If branches and other debris are falling off the tree there is a risk of shattering a window during a storm. Shattered glass is extremely unsafe during a storm with strong wind. The best option is to simply remove the tree entirely. Professional tree services can be hired to remove a tree safely and quickly.

Service providers such as 770-TREE-GUY can help homeowners prevent damage to their home, and reduce the risk of injury to their family. If a tree is closer than twenty feet to a home it is usually recommended that the tree is removed. Dead or dying trees should be removed no matter how close they are to a home. Dead trees are always at risk of falling and causing injury. If the dead tree is located near power lines there is a major risk of fire. Dead trees also contain insects. In fact, insects are the most common cause for a tree to die. Once the tree is no longer offering sustenance they will move to the next nearest habitat, which is usually a home.

Insects such as termites and carpenter ants cause serious damage to a home, and they are very likely to reside in a nearby tree. Local tree services in Fayetteville GA will help save a homeowner a lot of aggravation by removing dead trees and preventing an infestation by termites or carpenter ants. Signs of a dead or dying tree include a lack of growth, discolored leaves, and frail or drooping limbs. If a homeowner notices these signs they should contact a local tree service as soon as possible to have the tree removed before an infestation of termites or other insects occurs.