Receiving Your Payments Through Professional Billing Practices

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Healthcare Related

While working in a medical office, one of the tasks that you’re going to need to complete is ensuring that billing information is properly filed. When billing is completed as it should be, then revenues often begin to increase because payments are received by the office. Here are a few ways that you can improve the medical coding and billing practices that your office has in order to see positive results.


There will likely be rejections after claims are submitted. Try to learn from these rejections so that they don’t happen again. If possible, keep the rejections under 5% for the office so that you aren’t losing money that is spent on refiling claims. Talk to the doctors in the office as well as insurance companies and patients so that everyone understands what is expected and the overall process of coding and billing.


If you want others in the office to know how to properly perform medical coding and billing practices, then you need to invest in the proper training. Even if the basics are covered when employees are hired, you still need to keep everyone updated on new codes and methods of billing so that they don’t get behind. If the entire team understands the same concepts of coding and billing, then there will likely be fewer mistakes made.

Communicating with Others

Aside from communicating with the office staff, you need to communicate with the patients. They need to know what services they have been billed for and how much they need to pay. Patients also need to know about payment plans that can be made and what could happen if payments are not received by the office. Contact insurance companies as well to ensure that patients who arrive at the office have the proper coverage so that other payment plans can be made if needed.

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