Tips for Commercial Furnace Maintenance in Dayton, OH

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Commercial business owners know the value of maintaining their heating systems. Proper maintenance ensures that they will continue to operate not just safely but efficiently, keeping their businesses running without negatively impacting their bottom lines. Read on to find some tips for commercial furnace maintenance in Dayton OH business owners can follow to avoid unnecessary repairs and downtime.

Keep Filters Clean

Dirty filters place extra strain on the furnace. This reduces efficiency, increases cost, and reduces the furnace’s expected lifespan. Make a point of checking the filters at least once a month to ensure that they stay clean.

Permanent filters should be cleaned every month, while pleated filters should be replaced every three months. Commercial property owners who have electronic air cleaners should also clean the filters on these specialized units every other month.

Avoid Obstructions

Property owners should ensure that their buildings’ vents are free from obstructions. They should also check their exhaust and combustion air pipes to make sure there are no blockages.

Be Aware of Leaks

Gas leaks are no joke. If property owners smell gas or notice damaged connections, they should turn off the gas supply immediately. They should not turn their furnaces back on until they have called a professional to inspect the unit and repair the problem.

Schedule Annual Inspections

While most property owners can clean their air filters and remove obstructions from in front of their vents themselves, these steps don’t prevent the need for annual professional maintenance. When they perform commercial furnace maintenance in Dayton OH heating contractors check all the system components, make necessary adjustments, and clean the system along with checking for potential threats like carbon monoxide build-up, low oxygen levels, and soot build-up.

Know When to Replace the Furnace

Older furnaces are much less efficient than modern models. Even if a commercial furnace seems to be in good working order, it may still cost business owners money. The EPA suggests that property owners replace furnaces when they get to around 15 years of age, and increases in efficiency will help offset the cost of installation over the coming years.

Schedule a Visit Today

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