Redpoint West in Lafayette, IN, Provides Comfortable Living Near the Purdue Campus

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Student Housing Center

The homes of Redpoint West Lafayette near the campus of Purdue University offer students much more than those narrow rooms of their parents’ (or grandparents’) days when a student shared little more than oxygen with a roommate who usually had irritating habits. At Redpoint, students have space and style in real housing.

Purdue University’s Student Apartments West Lafayette, IN

Redpoint West Lafayette is located on the university’s campus, placing it near the classrooms, lecture halls, and other facilities, as are the dormitories. These apartments are an alternative to the cramped dormitory rooms and dull apartment complexes with almost no amenities. At Redpoint West Lafayette, friends can live together and have the privacy of a manufactured home with many conveniences. Students can even have their pets living with them.

Floor Plans and Features of the Apartments

Available apartments for the students are one bedroom with one bath, two bedrooms with two baths, three bedrooms with three and one-half baths, and four bedrooms with four and one-half baths. There are three floorplans on different levels. These Redpoint apartments are in buildings of two or three levels. High-speed internet is available in all these fully-furnished apartments. The apartments are also pet-friendly, allowing students to have their extra family members live with them.

Additional Features of Purdue Student Apartments West Lafayette, IN

There are several other features at Redpoint West Lafayette. The recreation facilities in the new clubhouse have a 24-hour fitness center and game rooms. There is a coffee bar and private spaces for studying. Outside are grilling stations and a fire pit. The center also provides social events for the residents and their friends. Certainly, Purdue Student Apartments in West Lafayette, IN, provides college students with comfortable housing and many amenities to make these residents feel content and secure.

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