Relax with a Deep Tissue Massage in Princeton, NJ

Do you sit at work hunched over your desk all day typing on a computer? Do you work a hard and labor-intensive job? Do you chase children all day, bending over picking up toys and messes? A deep tissue massage in Princeton, NJ can help alleviate back pain and stress.

What Is the Difference Between a Regular and Deep Tissue Massage?

A regular massage is relaxing. Usually, for increments set between 15 and 30 minutes, a regular massage is the perfect way to treat your body and relax your mind. However, regular massages do not offer the same benefits as deep tissue massage.

Professionals such as those at LANA will explain that a typical massage session does not allow enough time to get your muscles to relax and reach the deep tissue. Like anywhere across the country, a deep tissue massage in Princeton, NJ will last between 75 to 90 minutes long. The massage therapist will use a slow hands-on technique to relax your muscles so they can reach your lower layer of connective tissue.

How Often Should I Get a Deep Tissue Massage?

If you put excessive strain on your body at work or home, professionals suggest that you get a deep tissue massage every two weeks. While this is sometimes not feasible, it helps to keep your lower layers of connective tissue relaxed.

You will benefit from feeling stress reduction and feel happier overall in your everyday life. It is also common to feel emotional after a deep tissue massage, as relaxation is not just a physical process but also an emotional one.