Reviewing Requirements With A Divorce Attorney In Green Valley, NV

by | May 31, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

In Nevada, divorce proceedings require a petitioner to meet all prerequisite requirements before filing. When starting the case, the petitioner explains the terms of their divorce agreement. The defendant receives a copy and has sixty days to respond. A Divorce Attorney in Green Valley NV assists with the case and helps their client to avoid mistakes.

Residency Requirements for Divorce

According to Nevada laws, the petitioner must live in the state for at least six weeks before filing for a divorce. Both parties aren’t required to live in Nevada to start a divorce case. However, some complications may occur if the defendant lives in a different state.

What Grounds are Available?

The state of Nevada is a no-fault state and won’t allow any grounds other than irreconcilable differences. Petitioners are unable to bring any fault-based grounds in their case. The no-fault ground indicates that neither party was at fault for the breakup of the marriage.

What Factors Lead to a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree to the terms. To bring about a contested divorce, the defendant must obtain an attorney and present an argument. The divorce isn’t contested just because the defendant doesn’t want to get divorced. If the defendant fails to respond by the end of the waiting period, then the divorce isn’t contested. The petitioner doesn’t need the defendant to sign the divorce agreement to get divorced. If the defendant misses the deadline, then a default judgment is used to finalize the divorce.

What Happens When Mediation Fails?

If mediation fails, the parties attend a divorce trial. The size of their marital estate determines how long the proceedings take, but it is possible for it to last up to two years. At the end of the trial, the parties don’t make any decisions. The judge does.

In Nevada, divorce proceedings start with a summons and a divorce agreement. The documents are sent to the defendant, and the petitioner should receive an answer within sixty days. Petitioners who need assistance from a Divorce Attorney in Green Valley NV contact Pintar Albiston LLP for more info now. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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