Signs it is Time to Consider Cataracts Eye Surgery in Wichita KS

by | May 31, 2019 | Eye Care

Many people believe that cataracts is a problem that only elderly individuals have. However, this is a condition a person can get at any age; however, those over the age of 40 have a much higher risk of developing this problem.

This is a condition that can develop slowly, leading some people to not even realize they have a problem until their vision is significantly affected. The only form of treatment for this problem is cataract Eye Surgery in Wichita KS. Some of the signs it’s time to consider surgery for cataract can be found here.

Blurry Vision

Many people view blurry vision as a sign their vision is declining. A person may change their prescription and try out stronger glasses to correct this issue, but if these efforts are unsuccessful, then the issue may be cataracts.

Cataracts occurs when a person’s natural lens becomes cloudy due to the proteins that have begun to clump. Trying to see through a cloudy lens can be similar to trying to see through thick fog. If the fog becomes too thick, it is time to invest in cataracts Eye Surgery in Wichita KS.

Double Vision in One Eye

Seeing double is often a sign of another condition if there are two images when both eyes are open. However, if a person sees double, or even triple, in just one eye, then this is typically an indication of a cataract. This is another sign that cataract surgery is needed.

Struggle to Read Even with Glasses

Cataracts are going to make it more difficult to see well in low light, especially when doing something up close. This is going to affect activities such as sewing and reading.

It may become even more difficult over time, even when a person wears extremely strong reading glasses. In most cases, this indicates the cataracts are severe enough that they need to be removed.

When it comes to issues with a person’s vision, this is not something that should be ignored, or treatment put off. More information about when eye surgery is needed can be found by taking the time to Visit Business Name.

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