Six Advantages of a Tooth Implant in Camas WA

A missing tooth can cause problems when a person tries to talk, eat, and smile. A person might lack the confidence to apply for a job or experience new social situations because of a missing tooth. Discover six advantages of getting a Tooth Implant in Camas WA.

Fill in the Gap

There are a variety of ways to fill in a missing tooth, including caps and bridges for multiple missing teeth. When someone has a gap in his or her teeth, they want to find a permanent way to fix it. A Tooth Implant in Camas WA is done to replace a tooth and lasts for years to come because it is affixed in the patient’s jaw.

Just Like a Natural Tooth

Since n implant is carefully designed and permanently placed, it looks and functions much like a natural tooth. Nobody will notice that the implanted tooth is different from the others in a patient’s mouth. A patient can start eating, talking, and smiling without worries.

Smile With Confidence

One of the most significant benefits of getting a tooth implant is having the self-esteem to smile freely. The days of trying to smile with a closed mouth are over. Social and work interactions improve when people feel comfortable with smiling and speaking.

Eat Favorite Foods

A missing tooth can make it impossible to eat foods such as steak and toasted bread. Patients can enjoy their favorite foods again when they get a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

Speak Confidently With Ease

The loss of a tooth can be in a spot that impacts the way a person talks. Getting a replacement tooth makes it easy to speak again without lisping or mumbling.

A One and Done Fix

A tooth implant is meant to last a lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, an implant is a one and done way to fix the problem.

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