Storing Magazines in the 222972 Magazine Rack in Pittsburgh

As most gun enthusiasts already know, there is a significant amount of debate about the proper way to store gun magazines. This debate focuses on the fact that gun magazines are spring-loaded. When fully loaded, these springs are compressed, which places tension on them. However, loading and unloading the magazines causes movement in the springs. That is why there is a debate over whether to store loaded or unloaded magazines in a 222972 magazine rack in Pittsburgh.

Storing Loaded Magazines

The biggest argument for storing loaded magazines is based on the idea that a gun owner might need to use a weapon for self-defense. Storing loaded magazines means there is always a magazine ready to go in a home invasion or similar scenario. However, there is some concern that storing magazines loaded can weaken their springs and lead to magazine failure. If speed is a concern, it will still be faster to replace the magazine with another loaded magazine than it will be to load the magazine in a time-sensitive scenario.

Storing Unloaded Magazines

Unloaded magazines mean the springs are not under constant stress. Theoretically, this reduces the likelihood that there will be any feeding issues after the magazine is loaded and used for shooting. However, the magazines are not ready to use and, in addition to storing magazines, the gun owner also has to store the ammunition separately. The biggest drawback to storing unloaded magazines comes in a self-defense scenario. If there are no loaded magazines ready to use, the gun owner must load the magazine before being able to use the weapon.

Storage Options

Looking at the arguments, it appears the choice of storing loaded or unloaded magazines is a matter of personal preference. Many people compromise by rotating their magazines, keeping some loaded and some unloaded. Whichever option a gun owner picks, a 222972 Magazine Rack in Pittsburgh is sturdy enough to handle their storage needs. This vinyl-coated steel magazine rack can be mounted on a gun safe door or wall or as a standalone device and is strong enough to hold up to 10 fully-loaded metal magazines, contact Business Name for more information.