Counter Spyware Attacks with Small Business Computer Support in Irvine, CA

Your computer, tablet or smartphone could be infected with spyware. Through this malicious software, hackers can track your online activity and gather personal details about finances. They may even steal your identity. Learn to prevent and fix these cyberattacks with removing spyware services in Irvine.

Causes of Spyware Infection

Hackers deploy spyware with a wide range of tactics. Email, popup ads and shady websites are common methods for infecting your devices. Make sure you know the source before clicking links or downloading attached files and install the latest updates to help keep your operating system and apps up to date.


More frequent crashes and operating slowly are signs of a spyware infection. You might see new programs and icons on your desktop along with endless pop-up ads and new toolbars in your web browser. Small business computer support technicians can determine if the issues are caused by spyware.

How to Remove Spyware

Run a scan using your security software, remove unwanted programs and reboot your computer. If that doesn’t work, download a virus removal tool from a reliable source. Getting rid of spyware is difficult and often requires expertise. Companies that offer removing spyware services in Irvine may get more reliable results than doing it yourself.

Protect Your Computer

Small business computer support can help prevent cyberattacks and keep hackers away from your devices. LT Associates Inc. offers 24/7 services to repair damage caused by spyware, recover your data and provide effective protection against malicious software. For more details visit us.