Study the Details Before Building a Boathouse in Ft. Meyers, FL

If you are looking to have a builder construct a boathouse in Fort Myers, FL, then you need to ask some questions before you choose the right construction team.

One of the first questions that you need to ask is how the marine contractor will put in the pilings. In much of the world, it is easy to install them with a water jet, but that is not the case in Southwest Florida because of the rocky bottom under the water. When high winds come along, like with a hurricane, hithen the whole boathouse will want to raise and float away. Instead, you need to find a team that will use a friction crane with a drop hammer so that you can rest assured that your pilings are not going to move.

Another question that you will want to ask is how they will strengthen your boathouse against uplift. Many companies use plastic support systems that cannot withstand big waves and high winds. Instead, you should look for a company using vertical structure wood ties. Then, a plastic spacer should be installed between the wallboard and the seawall cap to help prevent damage from irrigation systems.

The next question that you should ask is what size lumber does the contractor intends to use to build the boathouse in Fort Myers, FL. Most will answer boards that are 2 inches wide by 8 feet long. Get them to go out and measure those boards, and you will discover that they are 1.5 inches wide by 7.25 feet long. Instead, you should insist on lumber being used that is the right length and width. Contact Honc Docks & Lifts at

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