Your Boat Deserves an Attention-Getting Custom Non-Skid Boat Mat

Custom boat mats turn heads and can really set your boat apart from the rest. When you choose custom foam boat decking, you’ll have the option of choosing a beautiful color scheme to complement your boat. You’ll also be able to choose a groove pattern, such as planks, diamonds, and fish scales. If your boat needs new, non-skid decking, consider getting custom boat mats made of closed-cell foam.

But better yet, you’ll be able to have your boat’s name, family name or business logo stamped in. Not only that, you could even have a ruler added to measure your catch. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Custom closed-cell foam boat decking is not only customizable but also creates a safe, slip-resistant surface. The foam also remains cooler to the touch and can last for years. It’s also anti-microbial, for a more sanitary deck on your fishing boat. In many ways, foam is superior to old-fashioned teak decking.

To get started, your boat is digitally scanned to create a pattern to precision cut your custom boat mats. Next, you’ll need to decide on a color scheme, pattern, and any logos you want to be stamped in. Next, the mats are custom cut and professionally installed. It can also be applied right over your existing non-skid deck. Finally, take your boat to the marina, so that your new custom mats can turn heads.

Check out the DEKit website to find out more about having custom, closed-cell foam mats made for your boat