The beauty of floating hearths in Salt Lake City, UT

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Security Systems and Services

When looking for a way to improve the appearance of your interior and spruce up your decor, look out for floating hearths. Salt Lake City, UT has companies who are able to install floating hearths into the homes of residents in the local area. You can find a company that can install beautiful hearths in your home and creates a wonderful centerpiece in your home. As you search for the best solutions, floating hearths can provide the perfect look for you.

What is a floating hearth?

A floating hearth is a beautiful option for a fireplace that doesn’t have a built-in hearth already there. It is also a great choice for homes that don’t have a lot of wall space under the fireplace. One of the great things about floating hearths is that they can be adjusted to fit the size and shape of the hearth in order to meet your exact needs and preferences.

Enhancing your decor

When it comes to floating hearths Salt Lake City, UT residents can enhance their homes with gorgeous floating hearth installations. You can add items to your hearth such as picture frames, house plants, and any other items that you need. You can embellish your hearth to match the decor that already exists in your home.

Where to get floating hearths?

You can have floating hearths installed in your home by a professional fireplace installation company. The fireplace company you select should be very experienced in installing floating hearths Salt Lake City, UT companies can install. One of the most reliable companies to consider for floating hearths is Stone Mountain Castings & Design.

Contact Stone Mountain Castings & Design for more information about floating hearths in Salt Lake City, UT.

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