The Benefits of Manufactured Homes in Charleston SC

In some situations, there is a stigma attached to manufactured homes. However, there are a wealth of benefits to purchasing and living in a manufactured home, and that is why Manufactured Homes in Charleston SC have been and still remain popular options for people looking for a home to purchase.

Cost Conscience

The main benefit of a manufactured home is how affordable they are to purchase. As the price of site-built, single-family homes continues to increase, manufactured homes represent a price difference of about a quarter to as much as half of the price of a standard single-family home even while providing many of the creature comforts.

Controlled Building Processes

The building process for a manufactured home is extremely controlled, which can be helpful for people who want to build new. Building a single-family home will require a home builder as well as a number of different trades such as plumbers, carpenters, and electricians in order to properly construct the dwelling. The challenge of working with multiple subcontractors as well as weather issues that slow down construction can be maddening. Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment and, whether the weather is beautiful or dismal, the construction of a manufactured home will go on unaffected.

Quick Construction

When building a site-built home, the time frame can around six months or longer for larger homes. Manufactured homes are built in an enclosed facility, and the average time it takes to build one ranges between one and two weeks. When the home arrives on site, roughly 90% of the construction processes is complete. The home will need to be connected to electrical supply lines as well as plumbing lines, and it will also need to be secured to a foundation. In any event, it’s still going to be far less time-consuming when constructing a manufactured home as opposed to a site-built dwelling.

There are far more benefits to Manufactured Homes in Charleston SC then can be mentioned here. So, if you’re looking for an affordable home that you can purchase and have constructed in a matter of a few weeks, Contact N and M Homes for more information.