When A Steel Fabricator Is Needed, Go To The Best Metalworking Shop In The Region

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Metal Supplier

Steel fabrication is an industry, but also an art. It takes precision control, design vision, and determined work to turn a slab of stainless steel into a kitchen countertop, a corrugated wall section, a gear wheel or whatever. The processes employed to shape and cut metal work into the forms used by a number of industries are as different from one another as the forms they render.

An industrial scale Steel Fabricator not only performs any job in the shop, but also keeps in stock a full supply of steel sheet, plate, and tube on hand. The client is thus spared the complication of having to hunt down raw steel material from different suppliers but can order everything in one place. Once the selection of the metal to be used is made, to the specified grade and gauge, metalworkers then take the raw sample and begin shaping it. Cutting steel is usually done by shearing, which involves pushing the metal with a moving punch against a fixed blade on a work table. Sometimes, CNC torches, laser or plasma cutters are used, while other applications involve the use of water jets, in order to cut the metal according to a programmed pattern.

Other methods used by a Steel Fabricator for reshaping metals involve forming. Force is applied to bend and warp raw plate. A stamping press is most often used for this process, and the operation of the press can be controlled to produce a repeated pattern. When there’s a need to remove excess material, machining shaves off the “flash” until a smooth and straight edge is left. Milling machines and lathes are most often used for this task. A lathe-turned piece of steel rod can be remade into very complex rounded shapes for any conceivable application. And then of course there is welding. The custom formed and turned steel parts are then spot-welded after assembly, checked for accuracy of placement, then joined with the permanent weld. The end result of all these various processes are ready-made machine parts and components ready for use in a wide variety of projects and devices vital to a number of industries.

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