Therapy for Adolescent Mental Health Needs

When you are searching for adolescent therapy in Minnesota, let our counselors and therapists be your first choice. Our therapy programs are centered around adolescents and families. We focus on the family unit and how issues in one person affects everyone in the household and extended family. We help you and your child recover from and deal with different types of issues so that all of you can live a healthier, happier and more satisfying life.

Our therapists help with a full spectrum of adolescent behaviors, addictions and mental health issues. Some of the concerns that we provide therapy for include eating disorders, aggressive and defiant personality disorders, narcissistic personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. We also help adolescents who have ADHD and need therapy in order to cope with their conditions and the rigors of school and home life.

In our practice, we also help teens who are facing an addition. The teenage years are often a time of pushing boundaries and experimenting. Drug and alcohol addictions often begin during the adolescent years. Our therapists offer guidance so that teens and their families can move past an addiction.

We also help with other types of addictions. Teens may develop an addiction to shopping. This could lead to stealing, deception, forgery, fraud and other types of problems that affect everyone in the household as well as extended family members. Our therapists also offer help to adolescents who have been sexually abused or in domestic violence.

At Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc., we offer adolescent therapy in Minnesota that you can rely on for any mental health, behavior or addiction concern that your teenager has. Call us in order to make an appointment or visit us online at for additional information and details about our therapy services for adolescents.