Repair Damaged Teeth with Composite Bonding

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Dental Care

If the surface of one or more of your teeth is damaged, then you can undergo composite bonding in Glenview, Ill. There are several benefits from this process, including covering the problems on your teeth. If you have small chips, cracks or discolorations on a tooth, then the composite resin will hide the problem. Before the composite resin is mixed, your dentist may recommend whitening your teeth. This will make it easier to cover the damage on a tooth with a resin that matches the color of the dental enamel. In addition, the dentist can mold and shape the resin to fill in the gaps between your teeth so that you don’t need to wear braces.

Durable Bonding Material

After composite bonding in Glenview, your dentist will polish the substance to create a surface on your teeth that looks natural. This is a painless and noninvasive procedure that requires two hours or less of your time. When you have this procedure, it costs less than having a customized veneer made for your tooth, and the bonding material is durable. In some cases, your dental insurance will pay for part or all of the costs of this procedure because it can strengthen and stabilize a tooth.

We Can Use Composite Bonding to Fill a Small Cavity

When you have a small cavity, composite bonding in Glenview is suitable for a filling. With this type of filling, you will have an attractive smile that doesn’t include any amalgam fillings. To maintain the beauty of bonding materials, you should floss and brush your teeth frequently. Your dentist may tell you to avoid certain foods or beverages so that the bonding substance isn’t stained permanently. Call Chicago Beautiful Smiles today, or you can visit our website at

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