Things to Consider During Power Window Repair in Phoenix Arizona

Most drivers take their power windows for granted until there’s a problem. When a power window fails, it turns a coffee or bank run into a long and complex ordeal, and rainy days are torturous. You’ll have two options: do a DIY repair or bring your vehicle to a mechanic near Phoenix, AZ. Here, you’ll learn what to expect when power windows stop working.


Here are the basic components of a power window:

  • Regulator
  • Regulator motor
  • Window switch
  • Wiring
  • Window control unit
  • Guides, tracks, and weatherstripping

Below, you’ll learn what happens when these components stop working.

What’s Wrong With the Window?

Any of the above components may cause problems with a power window. First, consider the system’s age. How long have these windows been in use, and how often are they used? Driver’s side windows tend to malfunction first, simply because they’re used more often. In newer and rarely used windows, however, problems are typically due to product defects and mechanical damage.

Which Component is Causing the Problem?

No matter the cause, it’s important to get power window issues resolved right away. There are a few basic troubleshooting steps to follow: listen for noises and watch the window as it goes up and down (or refuses to). When your power windows don’t work as they should, a mechanic near Phoenix, AZ, can help.

Contact the Experts

Unless you’re mechanically adept, we suggest leaving power window repair issues to the experts. The shop’s technicians are some of the Phoenix area’s most skilled and experienced—they do this kind of work daily! With prompt, professional service, it’s possible to get your power windows rolling again.