Why Are Ruby Engagement Rings So Popular?

The diamond is probably the most popular stone for an engagement ring, but it’s not the only good choice. Ruby engagement rings have been steadily increasing in popularity. Why is that? Well, for starters, they’re very attractive stones. They’re known for their bright color; they tend to range from pink to bright red, depending on the minerals composing the stone. They’re also very hard stones that don’t scratch or chip easily. You’d have to put your ring through some serious hardship to scratch a ruby. They can be a beautiful and less expensive alternative to diamond.

What Are Rubies?

Rubies are a kind of corundum mineral. They are usually red because of the presence of chromium. Sapphires are also made from corundum but have different elements in them to make them different colors.

The price of a ruby is largely determined by the color, the clarity, and the size of the ruby. The most popular ruby color is a bright red called “pigeon blood” or blood-red.

How Are Rubies Rated?

A ruby engagement rings vary based on the value of the stone set in them. The first standard for the stone is the color. As stated, blood-red is the most expensive color of ruby. The other shades of deep red follow closely behind. After color, they’re then ranked on the clarity. Much like diamonds, the clearer rubies are considered more valuable; however, if a ruby is too clear, it can a sign that the stone is heat treated. Natural rubies usually have inclusions in the stone that are shaped like tiny needles. A ruby that has no needle inclusions may be synthetic or heat treated. Heated rubies are still desirable rubies, but should price less than natural unheated rubies.

Rubies are then ranked based on weight (carat) and cut. Larger rubies and higher quality cuts are more expensive.

Do They Make Good Engagement Rings?

Rubies are great for engagement rings because they’re so hard and so bright. Many people wear their engagement rings every day. You have to have a very hard stone to stand up to daily wear and tear. A ruby can stand up to that.

Are They Expensive?

The price of a ruby can vary wildly based on the factors stated earlier. The sunrise ruby, for example, is the world’s most expensive ruby. It weighs almost 26 carats and sold for US $30 million recently. You probably won’t be buying one quite that expensive for your engagement ring.

High-quality rubies can command a price of $1,000 to $3,000 per carat. That’s not quite as expensive as diamonds, but they are still quite valuable gemstones. Synthetic or imitation rubies are much less valuable, and they are also not as resilient.

When you’re looking for ruby engagement rings, remember to take note of the color, clarity, weight, and cut.