Three Things that Yukon Residents Do to Keep Their AC Running Smoothly

When you live in Yukon, Oklahoma, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is working as best as it can. It gets really hot in Yukon during the summer and fans just aren’t going to cut it. Taking steps throughout the year to maintain your air conditioners in Yukon, OK, will make sure your air conditioners are ready for optimal performance in the summer. Here are a few steps you should take.

Change filters regularly.

One of the easiest maintenance tasks, but often the most overlooked one is changing the air conditioner filters regularly. Dirty filters can block airflow to the system and allow dirt, dust, and/or debris to clog parts of the air conditioner.

Don’t forget about the outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit for air conditioners in Yukon, OK, can collect leaves and debris. You need to pick these objects out regularly. You should also straighten the fins on the outdoor unit as these can get bent out of place.

Clean the AC coils.

Although changing the filter regularly will keep most of the dust and dirt away from the coils, eventually they will need to be cleaned. If it’s not cleaned, then dust and dirt can prevent the coil from absorbing heat properly. This means your AC won’t blow cool air.

These few steps will help your AC to run like a champ in the summer. However, if you still have problems with your AC in the Yukon area, Gatlin Heat & Air can provide you with top-quality HVAC services.