Tips for Keeping Doormats in California Free of Debris and Allergens

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Carpet Store

When choosing a new doormat, you likely want something that is attractive and inviting. If it will be placed outside the front door, you want it to welcome your guests. If it will be placed inside your home, you want it to match the décor. While there are a variety of designs for extra-large doormats that can add a special touch to your home, their main purpose is to collect the dirt. Here are a few tips on how to keep your door mats clean.

Every person and pet who enters your home will walk over the doormat. This means the mats are going to harbor allergens. They can have anything from dirt to rotting leaves on them. They may even have fleas or ticks on them. To keep your home clean and to prevent the debris and dirt on the extra-large doormats from spreading, you should regularly clean them.

There are different ways that you can clean doormats. One method is to use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. Every time you do the floors in your home, you can also clean the doormats. Another option is to use a garden hose and a mild soap. You can scrub the doormat and then hang it out to dry. Before using either of these methods, read the manufacturer’s directions.

The frequency with which you clean your doormats will depend on different factors. The goal is to prevent unwanted dirt and allergens from being tracked in your home. Consider cleaning them weekly.

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