Three Bass Restoration Jobs to Consider for Your Vintage Bass in Atlanta, GA

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Violin Shops

If you have inherited or purchased an older vintage bass guitar, have you considered restoring it? Some people say that you shouldn’t because it will lose some of its original charm, but what good is a bass if it doesn’t play well? If you have an older bass, you should definitely Bass Restoration In Atlanta, GA. The following are three of the most common styles of bass repair.


The bridge sits near the bottom of the bass. Its job is to hold the strings in place as an anchor point from which they run up the neck. In some cases, a repair technician can restore the original bass by polishing it and adjusting its position. If your bridge is out of sorts, it will affect the level of the strings and the bass’s intonation. The bridge must work well with the nut at the top of the neck.


New strings are something every player should get for their older bass. The best part of new strings is they are meant to be changed, so it doesn’t alter anything about the bass’s original construction. If you inherit an older P-bass, don’t be afraid to try some round wound strings for that authentic Motown sound.

New Tuners

The tuners are the metal objects that stick out from the head. When you turn them, they tighten and loosen the strings. This moves the pitch up and down, so players can get each string in tune. Modern tuners can make a vintage bass play like it’s new again.

If you have come across an older bass, you may be interested in bass restoration in Atlanta, GA. To learn more about how it can improve your playing experience, contact Ronald Sachs Violins to learn more.

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