Using Catalytic Reactors to Reduce Air Pollution: Measurable Results

Nitrogen oxide emissions are the direct result of many industrial and manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, they have a significant and negative impact on the environment. If you are looking for a solution for this problem, catalytic air pollution control is the right direction to go. A big step forward, catalytic reactors are vital to catalytic air pollution control. The numbers are measurable and speak for themselves.

More Than 90%

Imagine if you could combust most of the nitrogen oxide your factory produces. That is exactly what these catalytic reactors do. They are more than 90% efficient at destroying these harmful pollutants before the remnants are released or contained in proper storage tanks. With certain gases, the numbers can be as high as 99.99%! You can conduct daily operations and not destroy the environment at the same time.

When Combined With Oxidizers, You Have the Perfect Pollution Control System

Catalytic oxidizers remove and destroy pollutants like VOCs and soot. Combine oxidizers and reactors and you have the perfect pollution control system for your plant. The conversion process may be costly for older plants, but isn’t as expensive for plants that are younger than fifty years. Regardless, the conversion and installation of such systems should be a vital part of your pollution management plan. The positive publicity alone is worth the cost of installation and/or conversion.

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