Using Financial Resources and a Notary Service in Terrell, TX, After Arrests

When you have been arrested and booked into jail you have no prospects of getting out until you are arraigned. After your arraignment you can find out quickly how much bail that you need to post and what other requirements are expected of you before you appear next in court.

Along with taking out a bail bond to pay for your release you may also need to have certain documents notarized and submitted to the court. When you do not have a lawyer to notarize these papers for you, you can typically access this notary service in Terrell, TX., from the same bail bonds company that fronted your bond.

Affordable Notary Services

If you have a lawyer notarize the paperwork that the court demands from you, you could face paying money that you cannot afford. Many lawyers charge an hourly rate along with fees for services like notarizing. You could be presented with a bill that just adds to your burden of staying out of jail.

The bail bonds agency can typically notarize paperwork for less than what an attorney would charge. In some cases, the fees for your notary services can be added on to the bill for your bond.

Bail bond agents are also typically available 24 hours a day. You can get paperwork notarized regardless of what time of day or night that you get out of jail. You can learn more about notary service in Terrell, TX. online. Go to