What Nursing Certifications Can You Earn at Nurse Assistant Schools in Schaumburg IL?

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You want to become a nurse assistant, but do you know that there are many types of nursing assistants? Nurse Assistant Schools in Schaumburg IL offer courses that specializes in specific areas of study, such as phlebotomy. Each area of nursing requires passing certain tests. Aquarius Institute Nurse Assistant School in Schaumburg IL offers many nursing courses. Which one do you want to specialize in?

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA’s are the helpers. As a CNA, you will assist patients with all their needs, but you won’t perform medical tasks. You will dress, bathe, transport, feed, and dispense medications to the patients. You will be trained to notice any physical problems that would require medical attention from nursing staff. You will learn CPR, and how to take vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, you’re the first source of knowledge. You will prepare patients for the doctor by asking questions, taking vital signs, and collecting blood, urine, or tissue samples. At the desk, you will prepare forms, set appointments, and perform billing and coding. Medical assistants do lots of diverse work.

Patient Care Technician

A patient care technician is basically a certified nursing assistant except with a couple extra special skills. You will perform nearly all the same tasks as a CNA, but you will also have trained in electrocardiogram readings and phlebotomy. Electrocardiograms, or EKG, requires special equipment to test the heart. Phlebotomist draw blood for testing. You can become certified in EKG and phlebotomy separately or become a patient care technician and learn it all.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurse is the highest level you can reach in the nursing field. It requires at least an Associate’s degree in nursing, and a Bachelor’s degree if you wish to move up the leadership ladder at a hospital. Most nursing colleges offer the lower level types, such as CNA and PCT, with the option to further your education to become a nurse. You must pass a state test to receive your nursing license.
Aquarius Institute offers the first three courses and prepare you for state tests. It is a good start if you are unsure about become a registered nurse. You can always further your education and training later.

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