What to Consider When Choosing a Patient Lift in Dallas

A patient lift is an assistive device that’s used in hospitals and homes to help transfer patients between a bed, chair, or similar resting places. A quality patient lift has the power to make the recovery process easier both for the caregiver and the patient. To choose a suitable patient lift in Dallas, it’s important to consider a few key factors.

Correct Patient Lift Size

While purchasing a patient lift in Dallas, be sure to accurately measure the space it’ll be occupying. Since patient lifts come in a variety of styles and sizes, some may be too big to fit in your rooms. If you live in a compact space, your best option is a ceiling lift or similar complex design that’ll help accommodate the space.

Emergency Back-up Feature

Look for patient lifts that come with an emergency control feature, especially in electrically-powered patient lifts. In case the patient is in the lift when the power runs out, the patient lift should consist of a manual override that’ll allow you to remove the patient safely.

Various Types of Patient Lifts

Patient lifts come in various types, with sling lift and sit-to-stand variations being the most common. Based on the patient’s recovery process, you can choose between a wide array of patient lifts in Dallas. You can consider a portable patient lift, which might be easier to transport and carry as well. Detachable or foldable lifts allow the patient to be moved around comfortably and are hassle free.