What To Expect From A Dental Implants Procedure In Philadelphia

Unlike dentures, dental implants in Philadelphia involve more than just sticking a set of fake teeth on your gums. The placement procedure is quite invasive and requires specialized skills for successful planting. We will take you through the process of fitting dental implants step by step.

Dental assessment

Your dentist will examine the condition of your gums and jawbones to ensure that they can support dental implants properly. He or she will test your gums for diseases and infections and take X-rays that show your jaw bone density. After confirming that your jawbone and gums are fit for dental implants procedure, you will proceed to the next phase. If you have inadequate jawbone density, your dentist will recommend a bone graft.

Placing the implant

Your dentist will administer local anesthesia to dull the surgical site. Placing dental implants in Philadelphia begins by making an incision on the surgical site where there’s a missing tooth. A metal screw will be planted into the bone to act as the tooth’s root. The surgical site will be stitched up to allow healing and integration of the screw to the jaw bone.

Placing the abutment

Once the metal screw attaches to the jawbone, your dentist will place the abutment that acts as a base for the crown. The next stage comes when placing the dental crown that epitomizes the visible part of the tooth.

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