Why You Need to Learn About the South Carolina Lifeline Program?

by | May 16, 2022 | Telecommunications

The South Carolina Lifeline Program discounts communications services for low-income individuals. By discounting what you’d normally pay, it can make service accessible. As part of the Federal and State Universal Service Fund, it broadens opportunities. So, if you’re living on a budget, using the program could help.

Who Qualifies for the South Carolina Lifeline Program?

They’ve created two methods of qualifying. Either you receive benefits already, or they qualify you by income. So, if you’ve received Medicaid benefits, the program is likely available. Also, anyone who has been on SNAP would likely qualify.

Assuming you haven’t received any benefits, use the income guidelines. For a 1-person household, you’d have to earn less than $1,405 a month. That’s equivalent to $16,862 a year.

As household size increase, so does the income limits. If your home has 5 members, the limit is $40,730. So, as long as you’re earning less, the program would be an option.

What Does the Program Offer?

Usually, people use it to pay for part of their monthly cellphone service. But, after looking at the program’s details, there’s more than just that. You can also use it to get a $9.25 discount on home phone service. If using it for cellphones, it covers 500 minutes each month. They’ve included broadband as part of the program as well.

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