Implant Rods and Crowns as Part of Dental Care in Salem OR

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Dental Care

When someone loses a tooth because of an accident or the need to have it extracted by a dentist, replacement with a dental implant will probably be an option. A dental bridge also can be placed if the patient cannot afford an implant at the moment; most insurance plans still don’t cover these devices. The patient should be able to have an implant placed later by a practitioner of Dental Care in Salem OR after saving up the money.

Cosmetic and Functional Advantages

The patient receiving Dental Care in Salem OR might not bother if the tooth was a molar at the back, but if the gap can be seen, replacing it is important for cosmetic reasons. In addition, missing teeth that create gaps can lead to the adjacent teeth beginning to shift into that empty space. The rods act like normal tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone to produce new, healthy cells to replace those that are naturally used up by the body. Chewing is easy with no need to worry about the bridge coming loose.

Low Maintenance

Dentures and bridges used to be the best solution for replacing missing teeth, but the invention of implant rods has changed that. In addition to the cosmetic and medical advantages, implants are easy to care for. They are brushed and flossed just as regular teeth are. A removable bridge and a full set of dentures must be removed, cleaned and soaked.


If the patient properly cares for the implant, there should be no problems with it. The biggest risk factor implant failure is smoking, so people with even one dental implant must not smoke. If they quit smoking so they could qualify for this treatment, they must not return to the habit. The toxins in smoking products are harmful to the gum tissue and underlying structures.

Dental implant crowns are crafted by technicians to look just like the patient’s other teeth. The crowns blend in so well that nobody notices the difference, and the patient is relieved about the cosmetic results. Anyone who needs this type of care may learn About Shoreview Dental at the website.

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