Compression Stockings for Post Surgery in Las Vegas, NV: Improving Blood Flow in Certain Medical Circumstances

Numerous advancements have made their way into the medical industry over the last several decades. One particular tool, though, isn’t exactly a new development at all. According to some historical accounts, compression stocking have actually been in use for hundreds of years. In the early days, evidence indicates these items were used to treat certain injuries. Compression Stockings for Post Surgery in Las Vegas NV didn’t become widespread until the 1950s.

What Are Compression Stockings?

  • Compression stockings are tight-fitting garments made for the feet and legs. Some cover the entire leg and foot whereas others only fit over the leg. They provide support and gently squeeze the covered areas. In doing so, they can provide a wide range of health benefits in a number of situations.
  • Diabetes:
  • Diabetes is known for causing poor circulation and neuropathy, nerve damage accompanied by tingling, pain and numbness. In most cases, both issues primarily affect the legs, feet, arms and hands. Though compression stockings shouldn’t be used if neuropathy has already set in, they can improve blood flow and help reduce pain before nerve damage develops.
  • High Risk of Blood Clots:
  • Numerous conditions can increase the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis, or serious blood clot, including clotting disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, Crohn’s disease and pregnancy to name a few. Reduced mobility and inactivity can also increase the likelihood of DVT. Compression stockings help keep the blood flowing to reduce the chances of them developing or potentially breaking loose and making their way to the lungs.
  • Surgeries:
  • Some patients are at increased risk of developing DVTs following surgery due to reduced mobility. For others, the primary concerns are swelling, discomfort and numerous issues possibly hampering the patient’s ability to heal properly. Compression Stockings for Post Surgery in Las Vegas NV can reduce swelling and pain after a procedure while also promoting good circulation to lower the chances of infection and aid in healing.
  • Sports Injuries:
  • Once again, pain and swelling come into play here. Compression stockings can reduce inflammation and encourage healing. In some cases, they can even be worn while participating in sports to reduce pain and help prevent further injury.

Compression stockings are beneficial in a wide range of circumstances. Still, they’re not appropriate in all situations. If your doctor has prescribed these tools or you want to learn more about how they may be able to help you, Contact Las Vegas Medical Store.