Understand The Legal Limitations Of The MMJ Card

Patients in and around St. Petersburg, FL, can obtain a medical marijuana card if they have a qualifying condition and obtain a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana from a MMJ doctor. In addition, the patient must pay the state fees to obtain the MMJ card to legally purchase medical cannabis from any dispensary in the state.

Legal Purchases Only

In Florida, as in all states, the MMJ card is for the legal purchase of medical marijuana through a state-approved dispensary. Any purchase of cannabis from other sources, even if the purchaser has a medical marijuana card, is considered illegal. This could result in arrest and criminal charges.

Seasonal Residents

Patients living in St. Petersburg, FL, can follow the state protocols to obtain a medical marijuana card. To be eligible, the patient must be able to prove they lived in Florida for at least 31 consecutive days in each calendar year, and they are registered to vote or pay taxes in another jurisdiction or state.

Travel Within the State

Patients can travel with their MMJ card and legally purchased medical marijuana. They should always carry their medical marijuana card when traveling in the state. Medical marijuana cannot be consumed in a vehicle and must be transported in its original packaging.

Traveling across state lines with medical marijuana, even with a medical card, violates federal law. This is the case regardless of the laws of the state the patient is traveling to or through.