Common Misconceptions About Seeing A Medical Marijuana Doctor

As more patients throughout Florida become familiar with the use of medical marijuana to treat and manage qualifying medical and psychological conditions, they seek an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. This is the first essential step in obtaining the required medical marijuana card.

In Panama City, FL, as well as across the state, misconceptions are still out in the public that may create confusion for patients. To help clear up these misunderstandings, patients need to use reliable sources to understand the process.

Information about MMJ Doctors

Contrary to what many people believe, not all doctors can make a recommendation for medical marijuana through the state registry. In fact, only licensed, practicing doctors who have completed the required training, passed the exam, and are registered as medical marijuana doctors can make the recommendation.

No Referral Necessary

Patients in Panama City, FL, are not required to have a referral from their primary care physician or specialist doctor to see a medical marijuana doctor. Patients can complete a pre-qualification exam to determine if they have a state-recognized qualifying medical or psychological condition.

Should the patient see the medical marijuana doctor and not receive a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana, top services refund the patient the fees paid for the appointment.

The MMJ doctor will answer questions and provide information and insight into the use of medical marijuana if a recommendation is made. The MMJ doctor is a resource for the patient, assisting in providing insight, information, and education.