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An elevator installer and repairer install, maintain, and fix elevators, moving walkways, escalators, and stairlifts. There are two types of elevator repairers and installers. One type is majored in fine-tuning the elevator after installation and then assures that all the specifications are correct.

The other type of elevator installer in St. Petersburg, FL functions as an assistant mechanic who has taken an apprentice program and mostly works under an experienced professional.

The Job Description of an Elevator Installer in St. Petersburg , FL

The duties of an elevator installer are extensive. They entail locating malfunctions i.e., motors, brakes, control systems and switches, and to read blueprints to decide what equipment is correct for the job.

Elevator installers may also repair or install elevator doors, cable motors, and control systems. They also improve, install, and connect electrical wiring to electric motors and control panels. These professionals can also adjust safety controls, test equipment, and diagnose hitches, adjust door mechanisms, and counterweights.

Elevator installers can also test newly installed elevators to ensure that all stipulations are met. They can work at odd hours and may be required to answer to emergency calls at any time of the day or night. These professionals can work on escalators at the airport and chair lifts in ski areas.

Elevators mostly specialize in one phase of work. They can either work as installers, repairers, or maintainers. However, some do all these. Elevators require maintenance, which entails replacing worn out parts, greasing parts, and adjust loose parts, including checking all computerized control systems.

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