Four Major Applications of Kitz Valve in Fluid Flow Systems

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Industrial Goods and Services

A kitz valve is designed to keep water from flowing backwards through a pipe. It is often used in irrigation systems to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the system. A kitz valve can also regulate the flow of water in a pipe or control the pressure in a closed system. This blog post is on the applications of a kitz valve.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Quality Kitz valves are used in fire fighting equipment such as sprinklers and fire hoses. When water is pumped into a fire hose, the kitz valve prevents the water from flowing back into the pump. This allows the pump to maintain a constant water flow to the hose.

The kitz valve is also used in sprinkler systems to control water flow to the sprinklers. By controlling the flow of water, the valves prevents the sprinkler heads from being damaged by too much pressure.

Water and Sewer Lines

Kitz valves are used in water and sewer lines to control water flow. By controlling the flow of water, the valves can prevent sewage from flowing back into clean water lines. Kitz valves also regulate the pressure in a closed system, such as a city’s water supply system.

Industrial Utility Systems

They are used in many industrial utility systems, such as cooling towers, to control water flow. In a cooling tower, the valves regulate the amount of water that flows through the system. This helps prevent the system from being overloaded and prevents damage to the equipment.

The valves are also used in boilers to control the flow of steam. By controlling the steam flow, they can prevent the boiler from exploding.

Air Conditioning

The valves are used in air conditioning systems to control refrigerant flow. By controlling the refrigerant flow, a Kitz valve can prevent the system from becoming overloaded and prevent damage to the compressor.

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