Understanding The MMJ Card Renewal Process In Houston

Although low-THC prescriptions have been legal since 2015, it is really only in the last few years that patients throughout Houston and the rest of Texas began using medical marijuana as an alternative to other types of treatments. This delay in use was mainly due to the limited number of qualifying medical and psychological conditions recognized by the state.

Each year, more qualifying conditions are added, which allows a greater number of patients to use medical marijuana in the management of their condition. Many of these patients are newer residents of the state, or they have no experience with the process. This can create confusion when they go online and read about the need for MMJ card renewal in other states across the country.

No Texas MMJ Card Renewal Requirement

Other states use a system where the medical marijuana doctor approves a patient for a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana due to a qualifying condition. In Houston and throughout the rest of the Lone Star state, medical marijuana doctors enter an electronic prescription for medical marijuana into the state Compassionate Use Registry database.

This eliminates the requirement for the patient to carry a medical marijuana card or to go through the MMJ card renewal. At the initial phone appointment, the medical marijuana doctor will talk to the patient about when another phone consultation will be required. These phone calls are designed to allow the medical marijuana doctor to make any necessary adjustments to the prescription and to monitor the patient as with any other type of treatment.