How To Know if You Need Transmission Repair Services in Aurora, CO

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Auto Parts Store

If you need transmission repair services in Aurora, CO, you want to go with a garage that can get you in quickly and get the job done right. You also want to have a good idea of what you will spend before agreeing to the work. Transmission work can be tricky, so it is important to go with someone that has experience and a reputation for excellent customer service.

Signs Your Transmission is in Trouble

When the transmission in your car starts to go you need to get it into a garage. This is damage that doesn’t fix itself, however, getting it into the garage at the first hint of trouble may allow you to fix the problem before it gets worse. Different issues can develop with a transmission, so you want to recognize early signs of trouble.

Sometimes the first sign of trouble is your transmission warning light coming on. Even if your car still shifts fine, it is worth heading into the garage for a diagnosis. Something as simple as topping off the transmission fluid may be enough to prevent further problems.

Another indicator you may have that your transmission is experiencing problems is a different feel when your car shifts gears. Unlike the smooth transition you are used to, you will feel a delay in the engagement when shifting, or you may experience a rough shift. Odd, grinding noises or strange smells coming from the engine may indicate problems with the transmission.

If your car is experiencing any of these problems, you may need transmission repair services in Aurora, CO. Get in touch with Pro Tech Automotive to schedule your appointment today.

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