Three Signs You Need to Have Your Brakes Checked in Point Pleasant NJ

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Auto Parts Store

The brakes on your car are the most important safety feature on it besides maybe the tires. Properly installed and tuned brakes that won’t lock are essential to a safe and enjoyable driving experience. If your brakes go out, it could mean massive damages to both your vehicle and your body, so they must be in good condition at all times. The following are some signs that you need to take your vehicle in for a brake inspection as soon as possible.

Grinding when you stop?

Are you noticing a grinding sound when you stop the vehicle? This could mean that the rotors that connect the brakes to the wheel are starting to fail or rust out. Bring in your vehicle immediately for brake repair services in Point Pleasant, NJ, if this is the case before your brakes stop working completely before you end up in an emergency.


Brake pad companies don’t want you to replace them at the last second. That is unsafe. This is why they have installed a mechanism that emits a whistling noise as they start to wear down. You will hear the whistling while you are stopping at first but may start to hear it when the brakes aren’t being used as it gets much worse.

Brakes working too quickly

A sign that there is a problem with fluid pressure in the brake line is if they are overly reactive to the touch. This could be an easy fix for a professional for brake repair services in Point Pleasant, NJ, if it occurs. Call DeFelice of Point Pleasant Auto Center for more information if you are having any of these issues. You can also visit the website .

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