Teaching Children About the Agriculture Industry in Wisconsin

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Agricultural Education

When children think about ways they can help others, they often talk about growing up and becoming a doctor or a firefighter. They might not be thinking about how they can feed others by joining the agriculture industry.

As a teacher, you can do a lot to teach the children in your classroom about the largest industry in the United States. Here are some ways you can introduce Agriculture Education in Wisconsin.


It’s easy to talk about what is going on in the agriculture industry, but what about actually showing it to children? You should consider taking your students on a field trip.

You can go somewhere like a farm or a food processing plant. From there, children can learn all the steps that it takes for food to get to your home. Field trips are the perfect way to inspire academic growth, deepened engagement, and real-world experience.

Lesson Plans

Once a field trip is over, children should continue learning more about agriculture in their classroom. However, the traditional education system might not be ready for Agriculture Education in Wisconsin.

You should seek out an organization that works with the youth to inform them about how the agriculture industry works. Look for an organization that provides an interactive and inspiring program that includes lessons, quizzes, and other types of educational material.

Agricultural Organization

As the population of the world grows, it will be more important to get people invested in the agriculture industry. You should be teaching children now about the various careers they can get into as they get older.

One organization can help you teach children all they need to know about the agriculture industry. Learn about the Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom by going over to wisagclassroom.org.

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